Real Estate Renewable Energy Projects

We develop Renewable Energy Projects in Solar, Wind and Biomass

We developed the FIRST Wind Farm in Greece in the Year 2000
We developed the FIRST Photovoltaic Park of 1 MW in Greece in 2007
We developed over 1,5 GW in Renewable Energy Projects
About us

About us


Who We Are

Maximus Terra S.A. was established in 2010, by the shareholder and founder of “Private Consulting S.A.” operating in Real Estate having as a main aim the conversion of simple agricultural land to energy location for producing electricity by the use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES). Its founders have a vast experience in RES projects and financials, having collaborated with major clients globally, since 1993.

Maximus Terra owns, either through purchase or lease, more than 400 hectares agricultural land in the northern part of Greece, which is used for developing RES (Solar Thermal and PV) units of 150MW capacity.

The land is fully Environmentally licensed and is leased – with a buyout option, to thirty six (36) Energy Project Companies which will further develop and exploit the RES potential in the region. Currently the 111.2MW are in a “ready to be built” phase which is scheduled to take place within 2019 and 2020.

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